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These change log pages provide an overview of bug fixes and new features for each version of Polarbar we've released. The information on these pages also appears in the welcome letter that is automatically loaded into Polarbar when you upgrade to a new release.

View changes for the current changelog, 1.22 through 1.24c, changes from 1.20 through 1.21b, version 1.19a, 1.19, 1.18, 1.17b, 1.17a, 1.17 or changes from 1.15 through 1.16c.

The following is new or has been fixed in 1.19a

  • When halting a POP3 download in some cases messages could get deleted, fixed
  • When using ISO-2022-JP headers are encoded using Base64 instead of Quoted Printable
  • Fixed a number of deadlock situations when using the UI during a message download on jdk1.3
  • Picture viewer will no longer grow beyond the size of the screen

The following is new or has been fixed in 1.19
  • Virtual Folders have been rewritten. You can now do searches using multiple criteria; the criteria are always saved when executed.
  • Non-standard Time Zones can be set up under Tools / Options / Advanced on the new Time Zone page.
  • The Drafts folder is now functional.  Messages in that folder can be routed, forwarded, or Altered with Compose. Routed and Forwarded drafts will not be deleted. Altered / Sent drafts will be deleted when sent
  • The Compose dialog  File -> Save Draft as.. no longer confirms "Save ok". The Compose dialog  File -> Save Draft generates a draft file name if none was previously provided. The Compose dialog  File-> Open Draft:  The delete button moves the draft to trash, per the global trash settings. 
  • Address Tool deals better with embedded : when no to: or cc: header is provided.
  • Added Folders / Reindex menu item and pop-up menu item. When activated, the highlighted folder is reindexed, along with any and all subfolders.
  • When a remote folder is created, it will show up as a remote folder right away (instead of first showing up as a regular folder or subfolder and then showing up as a remote folder after you restart Polarbar).
  • When the sent folder is set to <none>, the message will be deleted after being sent. It will not be moved to the inbox.
  • Loading the contents of a tagline file into the tagline choice control in the compose dialog is now done in a separate thread, so as to not delay setting up the reply quoting and/or compose preface. While the taglines are being loaded, the "Tagline" label is visible, but the control itself is not made visible until all of the taglines have been loaded. When the persona changes, the tagline loading for the current persona is stopped immediately.
  • When creating a new account, Polarbar now defaults the Advanced Character Set Settings as follows: ISO-8859-1 for both inbound and outbound, Encode as quoted-printable only when 8bit characters are present, 8bit characters are not allowed when using UUencoding, and Decode as 8bit.
  • When View / Decode... is disabled, headers that are shown in the message window will be shown in their original format, rather than being forced to fit on a single line.
  • Deleting message from virtual folder now correctly deletes message from the underlying folder index as well.
  • Sorting two messages with the same timestamp will put them in pop filename order.
  • Quoting has become a lot smarter. It will not quote in the middle of a line and it will not insert an extra empty line before the quoted text if there is already a blank line there.
  • The attachment viewer for graphics files will attempt to resize to the size of the graphical image.
  • Pressing Shift-Tab in the compose text area will switch back to the subject field.
  • When opening the compose window in anything but reply, edit and support modes, the focus will be set to the address field.
  • The References header is now formatted to use continuation lines as needed.

The following is new or has been fixed in 1.18
  • Having an 8bit character in the last (or only) word in the subject header no longer merges the text body with the headers.
  • Any and all blank lines at the end of the message body will be removed.
  • Added the checkbox "Newsgroup-style signature" to the persona dialog. When this checkbox is enabled, Polarbar will automatically insert a line with "-- " between the message text and the signature. (Default is disabled.)
  • Added the checkbox "Insert a blank line ahead of the signature". When this checkbox is enabled, Polarbar will ensure that there is exactly one blank line between the message text and the signature (the "-- " line is counted as part of the signature, if enabled). But when this checkbox is disabled, Polarbar will ensure that there are no blank lines between the body text and the signature, but blank lines may be inserted manually by including them in the signature block. (Default is enabled.)
  • Added the text field "Tagline Prefix:". Any text in this text field will be inserted in front of the tagline, if one is selected.
  • Added the ability to specify Java system properties in {tags} in the Persona preface and signature text areas. For example, {java.version}, {java.vendor}, {java.class.version}, {os.name}, {os.arch}, {os.version}, {user.language}, {user.region}, and {user.timezone}. Polarbar does not do any validation for these tag names, which means that you can use any Java system property that is supported by your Java virtual machine.
  • Added an export function to the "List" type filter
  • Fixed the problem where the persona was setup multiple times, which made it impossible to manually select a specific tagline, including "<none>".
  • Refinements to the Reveal Headers function.  Added Ctrl-E as an accelerator. Made it a checkbox, with the ability to toggle on/off
  • Added Reveal Header processing into the Virtual Folder window
  • Fixed the help index by forcing it to conform to the limitations of the Polarbar help component instead of using free-form HTML.
  • Modified the header X-Mailer to use separate parameter fields for version and build, instead of combining them with the name.
  • Added the headers X-Mailer-Platform, which displays the OS name, architecture, and version, and X-Mailer-Java-VM, which displays the Java Virtual Machine vendor, version, and compiler. Two new checkbox fields have been added to the "Sent folder" tab of the Persona dialog to control whether or not these new headers will be included in your outgoing messages (they default to being excluded). As a result the "Sent folder" tab has been renamed the "Send options" tab.
  • Corrected File/Skip Current logic during message retrieval. It now works.
  • Postponed sorting of current folder till message retrieval is finished. This corrects numerous situations when filtered messages didn't get sorted based on the current folder sort order.
  • Folders are always sorted when message retrieval is done, regardless of the "Remember folder message list sort order" setting.
  • The saved Select A Folder window size is now restored properly.
  • When using the text browser, double-clicking on most email addresses will open a compose window with the selected email address as the to address. The rules that Polarbar uses to determine what qualifies as an email address are as follows: 1) There must be an at sign (@) in it; 2) There must not be a slash (/) in it; and 3) There must not be a colon (:) in it.
  • Added a new option to "View message file in separate window".  It is on the message and message index context pop-up menus.  The file is not decoded - simply viewed in it's raw format.
  • Sort by subject now excludes the FW: prefix used by outlook users.
  • Changed all date handling to be more robust and use less memory
  • Optimized memory footprint of folder indexes in memory
  • Added new version & buildnumbering scheme
  • Improved message sorting speed
  • Yet more changes to SMTP code
  • If an attached email message has a content-disposition of inline, it will not only be stored as an attachment, it will also be displayed inline. It can be auto-quoted, forwarded, printed, and will display in the reply window.  The Virtual Folder "Body Contains" search will find text in "Inline" attachments.
  • When inline messages are displayed using the HTML browsers, there will be a horizontal rule added between messages, and the nested messages will be indented.
  • Added a new option to "Show attachment messages" under Tools / Options / General / Messages. If enabled, then messages "|===[ Inline attachment 1 follows ]===|", "|===[ HTML message converted to attachment ]===|", and "|===[ Only decoded first attachment ]===|" will be inserted into the message body. If disabled (the default), then they will not be inserted.
  • Fixed the bug where moving a message from a virtual folder to the folder in which the message originated would delete the message.
  • Added support for AUTH LOGIN in SMTP
  • Removed startup overhead in Persona dialog
  • Fixed bug in Reply Address dialog that used the original addressing type when only one address was selected, instead of converting it to a "To:".
  • Fixed large message warning, so that it is functional for MIME messages and displays in both the HTML and Text Browsers.
  • Exclude "trash" folder from the automatic sort processing. Folder remains in first-in-first-out order, with recently deleted messages appearing at the end of the list.  Note: If you sort the trash folder this will change the sort order for all folders.
  • Added a persona option to the Main tab to automatically send a blind carbon copy of each message (if both the "Name" and "E-Mail" fields are blank, the default, then the automatic Bcc: is disabled).
  • Added a persona option for Addressing approach to the Send options tab. The options are: Use the global setting (from the advanced options dialog and the default), Send as a single message, or Send as multiple messages.
  • Cleaned up address formatting for angle brackets, which will only be included if there is both a name part and an address part and will not be doubled up if they are already present in the address part.
  • Write index to disk when reply flag or color codes are set - should prevent disappearing reply flags / color codes.
  • Significantly improved speed of message sorting
  • Added logic to save uidl info even in case of an error during download
  • Improved readability of contributors in about box, added names of our dedicated beta testers (after months of whining on their part...)
  • When a "sent" folder is assigned in an address book entry, it is now stored relative to the system directory, making this portable across operating systems. 
  • Sending using non-ascii chars now adds the correct encoding headers again
  • Next unread will do next unread regardless of sorting
  • Next unread across folders will wrap, so no need to go back to the inbox before starting an unread scan.
  • In the "Open a Draft Message" dialog, the three buttons have been renamed and rearranged to "Open", "Delete", and "Exit" and a confirmation dialog has been added when deleting a draft.
  • Route can now route MIME messages and the user will be able to see the routing note. They will be routed as a "message/RFC822" style attachment. Messages will only be routed using this new method when the general setting specifies to use MIME for encode, OR the message being routed was already MIME encoded.
  • Bad dates in a folder index no longer crash virtual folder date searches.
  • The virtual folder date range search now goes from 00:00:00 on the from day through 23:59:59 on the to day.
  • Messages can be downloaded in reverse order if the mail server operates in LIFO mode
  • Polarbar now runs on jdk 1.3, but it will not have support for the HotJava browser
  • Pbm will run if you do not specify hotjavabean.jar in the classpath (the HotJava browser option will be disabled)
  • Optimized startup time in a number of ways
  • Optimized sorting on subject, will now remove fwd: re: sv: aw: even within a subject
  • Optimized new date handling

The following is new or has been fixed in 1.17b
  • More speed when sending with SMTP
  • Use of hi-ascii in subject destroys subject & message, fixed

The following is new or has been fixed in 1.17a
  • Send Later/Invoke Custom Program was broken, fixed.
  • Sending mail using SMTP was slow, improved.
  • Bugs in ISO encoding of headers, forgot the first and last chars and would go off on an endless recursive loop in some cases, fixed

The following is new or has been fixed in 1.17
  • Fixed filter bug that deleted the filtered message if it was already in the correct folder.
  • Changed the text for the View / "Decode attachments" menu  item to "Decode messages and attachments".
  • The Persona dialog window is now less than 480 pixels high.
  • When word wrap is enabled in the compose or reply dialogs, a single "word" who's length exceeds the word wrap value will no longer be split at the word wrap limit when the message is sent. The primary reason for this change is to avoid breaking long URLs into multiple parts that need to be reassembled by the recipient.
  • BASE64 encoded multipart/alternative messages are now treated the same as non-encoded messages (i.e., the appropriate part is displayed instead of being turned into an attachment).
  • When replying to a message, HTML is only included in the reply window if the original message is a single-part HTML message (if it is a multipart/alternative, only the plain text part will be included in the reply window).
  • Fixed the use of extended characters in non-Windows environments during compose
  • Allow filters to mark messages as opened or unopened
  • Encode headers using RFC2047 when necessary
  • Replace blinking toolbar buttons with a led status display
  • Increased buffer sizes
  • Don't delete message from list if deletion of actual message file fails
  • Corrected MIME quoted-printable encoding of messages and files.
  • The size and position of the Select A Folder window are saved to the jstreet.ini file. (If only they would restore properly!)
  • The rules for launching an external browser have been simplified and handling of inactive HREF links has been added.
  • Inactive mailto: links now launch a new compose window.
  • "Send later" and "Send now" work as expected when using -mailto option.
  • Corrected decoding of quoted-printable attachments
  • First MIME base64 attachment incorrectly inlined when not indicated
  • Preview mail operations of "view first 50 lines" and "view formatted" not working
  • Improved portability of "sent" folder between Linux and Windows
  • Enhance Store Attachments utility to optionally store inline attachments
  • Corrected several issues with Filter Messages, and Filtering on download Mark read/unread null pointer,  ColorCode sticking, Preserve index moving messages
  • Cancelling the compose window immediately after selecting Forward, Reply, or Route, no longer brings up the "Save as draft" dialog (making any edits before cancelling will still bring it up).
  • New option on message context menus to temporarily reveal all headers of the current note without changing the system default
  • Fixed lockups during startup and account switching
  • New option to have the popper retreive messages for any account into some other account. This is selected in Options / General / Retrieve.Multiple accounts can be redirected to the same account. But if you select a redirected account while the popper is active, then when the popper retreives messages for that account, the messages addressed to that account will not be redirected. To resume redirection, select one of the accounts that is not being redirected (such as the account that the messages are being redirected into).
  • When using the reply address dialog, any of the selected addresses that are identified as To, Cc or Bcc will set as such in the reply. All other selected addresses will be set as To addresses.
  • The sent folder problem is fixed.

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