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The Polarbar Mailer is a volunteer-based project that supports the product via email. This is similar to many open source projects and works well as the email support list is monitored by project members around the world. Questions are generally responded to within hours, if not right away. The project team is very committed to this effort and we take pride in making the Polarbar Mailer a better software product through user feedback and problem reporting.

If you have a problem that you feel needs to be reported or if you have support questions, please join the Polarbar Mailer Google Group at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/polarbar-mailer. You do not need to register to read the forum, but if you want to post on the forum, you must register using a valid email address.

Another method of reporting issues is using Jira, an issue tracking system. Enter the issue you feel needs reporting here: Polarbar Mailer Issue System

If you're not interested in signing up for anything but still would like to provide us some feedback, click the Provide Feedback link on the bottom right corner of this page to quickly do that.

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