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The Polarbar Mailer is a volunteer-based project team located around the world. It is a 100% pure Java application, originally designed and created by a company named Innoval. When Innoval decided to give up development of the original product (then known as J Street Mailer), there was still a core group of 10 or 12 users who monitored the mailing list.  Two of those users were Paul van Keep and Mike Bowler who decided to take on the task of continuing the development effort. Innoval gave them permission and that began the Polarbar organization.

Origin of the name:

Back in the dark ages, when Microsoft was small and IBM thought OS/2 was the future an executive from Prime quit his job and decided to start a software developer conference focussed on OS/2. This became the ColoradOS/2 conference held for the first year in January 1993. The second conference, in November of that same year, and every conference after that, was unofficially concluded by having a Friday afternoon party in the hot tub with lots of good malt. This hot tub happening came to be known as the Polarbar club. Paul van Keep and Mike Bowler knew each other from that conference and so Mike thought it would be appropriate to take Polarbar as the name for the mailer. That is how Polarbar came to be known as Polarbar.

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