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These instructions are for Polarbar Mailer 1.25x and earlier. For the latest steps to install Polarbar Mailer 1.27 and above, please see the README.TXT file.

This page briefly describes the installation instructions for Polarbar Mailer. When you download Polarbar Mailer, a README file is included (in the zip) which contains more details than found here. Please be sure to consult this README file if you encounter install issues.

  • Existing Polarbar users: Download the new Polarbar ZIP file and copy it into your Polarbar directory as polarbar.zip.

  • New users:

    1. Download the Polarbar ZIP file and copy it into a new directory as polarbar.zip. Do not unzip this file.
    2. Make sure you have a valid Java environment (e.g., you can invoke the Java runtime environment).
    3. Open a command line window and enter one of the following, depending upon your version of Java and your system platform:
      1. jre -cp .;polarbar.zip org.polarbar.mailer
      2. jre -cp .:polarbar.zip org.polarbar.mailer
      3. java -cp .;polarbar.zip org.polarbar.mailer
      4. java -cp .:polarbar.zip org.polarbar.mailer
    4. Configure Polarbar Mailer and enjoy.
    5. After a successful installation, you can create a desktop icon to run Polarbar and use one of javaw, javapm, jrew, or jrepm (depending on your version of Java) instead of using the command line window.
    6. Note: If you use the Polarbar feature that allows you to have your Mailer directory separate from your Polarbar directory (the -d command line option), be sure to include the full path to the parent of your Mailer directory as the first -cp or -classpath parameter value If you don't, then the ICE HTML message browser will not be able to display embedded images (i.e., images that are included as a message attachment, as opposed to images thare are included as external links).

  • Existing Innoval users: Download the Polarbar ZIP file and copy it into your Polarbar directory as polarbar.zip. Change your JStreet startup script and replace innoval.jar (or pvk99.zip) with polarbar.zip. Start The Polarbar Mailer and send an e-mail to the list saying how impressed you are with the speed and all the new features<g>

  • Optional for all users: Download one of the Polarbar installers that are available from http://www.jsd0.com/PBM/ and follow the instructions that are listed on the installer page.

  • Note for Java2 users: If you use Java2 (1.2 and above) and you encounter Java security violation exceptions, messages or tool bars not showing up, or Polarbar not even starting up, you need to override the default security policy by adding a file named java.policy to your Polarbar directory, with the following content:
        grant {
            permission java.security.AllPermission;
    Note: So long as you do not put this file in your Java lib directory, these permissions will only apply to Polarbar and there is no danger that they will be applied to any Java apps that are run by HTML browsers (either inside or outside of Polarbar).

    Then include both of the following command line options, in the order indicated, on the Java command line that starts Polarbar (either ahead of the -cp part or ahead of the org.polarbar.mailer part), substituting the appropriate path for the /home/user part. The path must be an absolute path and you must use the forward slash for the path separator, even on Windows and OS/2 systems. If you need to specify a drive letter, include it between the second and third slashes (e.g., "file://C:/Polarbar/java.policy"):

    The following example for FreeBSD combines Java2 with the use of the -d command line option to separate the Polarbar program and data files. This would all go on a single line, of course:
        -cp /usr/home/dgh:/usr/local/sbin/polarbar.zip
        org.polarbar.mailer -d /usr/home/dgh/email
    And here's an example for Windows (and again, this would all go on a single line, of course):
        -cp D:\DATA;C:\Polarbar\polarbar.zip
        org.polarbar.mailer -d D:\DATA\EMAIL
  • Java: If you need more information regarding Java and using it on your system, either check our Java page or try downloading one of the Polarbar Install Anywhere with Java installers (see the download page).

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