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These change log pages provide an overview of bug fixes and new features for each version of Polarbar we've released. The information on these pages also appears in the welcome letter that is automatically loaded into Polarbar when you upgrade to a new release.

View changes for the current changelog, 1.22 through 1.24c, changes from 1.20 through 1.21b, changes from 1.17 through 1.19a or changes to version 1.16c, 1.16b, 1.16a, 1.16 or 1.15.

The following is new or has been fixed in 1.16c

  • If the main message body is base64 encoded, it will be treated as inline instead of being converted into an attachment
  • If the main message body is text/html and the text browser is in use, the message headers will be displayed in the message window.
  • Base64 encoded text attachments that have a content-disposition of "inline" will be displayed in the message window.
  • Text attachments that have a content-disposition of "attachment" are now treated as attachments, instead of being displayed in the message window.
  • When displaying multipart/alternative messages, only the plain text part is shown in the text browser and only the HTML part is shown in the ICE and HotJava HTML browsers. Any part that does not get displayed is stored as an attachment.
  • When displaying multipart/related, multipart/alternative messages, any references to Content-ID attachments by the HTML part are resolved (by the ICE HTML browser). This means that if you get a "Microsoft MimeOLE" message with inline images, Polarbar will display the images inline if you are using the ICE HTML browser.
  • The ICE HTML browser now understands a number of non-standard color names and no longer treats unrecognized color names as hexadecimal color codes.
  • Base64 decoding no longer crashes when the encoded size is a few bytes short of being an integer multiple of the decode buffer size.
  • If long file names are not enabled, then long attachment file names are truncated to 8.3 format.
  • A new option, "Switch focus on message selection", has been added to the General Settings page. If enabled, this option causes the message window to grab focus whenever possible, so that cursor keys work on the message window instead of the folder or message lists. It defaults to disabled.
  • The "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons on the "Store Message Attachments" dialog have been renamed to "Store" and "Exit", respectively.
  • When replying to a message with content-type: text/html, the reply window will now be populated with the message text (including all HTML tags).
  •  The attachment toolbar orphan bubble help problem is fixed.
  • Improved handling of unknown content types.
  • Inline attachments are identified as |===[ Inline attachment N follows ]===| (where N is replaced by Polarbar's sequential attachment count).
  • HTML main bodies that are converted to attachments are identified as |===[ HTML message converted to attachment ]===|
  • The newsgroup reply parsing that is normally done when pasting quoted will not be done if Options / General / News / News Server is blank.
  • You can enable full quoting of original messages on a per persona basis.
  • Launching an external browser now works if the selected text starts with the text URL: (the remainder of the text is taken as the URL).
  • The reply quote characters are a persona setting.
  • Fixed bug when overwriting an existing attachment with a smaller file
  • Improved sent folder selection process
  • New month sent folder will now correctly show up in folder selection dialog
  • Replying to a message will set the In-Reply-To and References headers. This is the first step towards implementing message threading support
  • Changes to the audio file selection allow the selection of playing the system sound, an audio file, or no sound after retrieving new mail.
  • A new View menu option, "Only decode first attachment", has been added. When both it and "Decode attachments" are checked, then when viewing a multipart attachment, only the first attachment is decoded, the text "|===[ Only decoded first attachment ]===|" is appended to the displayed message text, and the rest of the message is ignored, greatly speeding up the viewing of messages with large binary attachments (this is, of course, of no help if the message only contains a large binary attachment or if the large binary attachment is first). "Only decode first attachment" is grayed out when "Decode attachments" is unchecked.
  • Alter a composed message popup choice disabled in message list
  • Transaction log shows transactions most recent one first

The following is new or has been fixed in 1.16b
  • When the first specified SMTP host returns a 550 result (refused) switch to second
  • Lockup when using long folder list on linux fixed
  • Turning off word wrap in compose made mess of window, fixed
  • Other charactersets than us-ascii no longer worked, fixed
  • Added a third user defined browser. PBM attempts to cycle through browsers until one works
  • Incorrectly missed identifying mime messages that contain other messages
  • Sending to a POP3 host didn't work anymore, fixed
  • Incorrect day of week in virtual folder date range selection, fixed
  • Zombie threads are now cleaned up, both in preview and in virtual folders this should reduce memory leak problems
  • Replying with a persona did not update the message preface, fixed
  • Prompting for a password before logging on was broken, fixed
  • Sent messages could end up in trash when maintain trash was enabled, fixed

The following is new or has been fixed in 1.16a.
  • Loading speed of folders improved
  • Scanning for next unread speed improved
  • Fixed problem with uploading mail
  • Fixed problem with null pointer exception during startup
  • Fixed problem with deletions from a virtual folder
  • Fixed problem with layout of Formatted Mail Preview window
  • Fixed AutoRetrieve going on and off after accessing general settings

The following lists changes in version 1.16.
  • New commandline option -syssettings [file] allows you to specify the full path to a system settings file
  • Main window layout can be toggled between the default layout and one with a longer folder list layout.
  • New log features that provide for viewing prior status line messages. Support is also provided for Java console messages, mainly for problem diagnostics. General Settings has options that control these actions. All logs are now available on the menubar selection Tools/Logs.
  • -verbose on the command line overrides the default Java console persistent log setting and forces debug logging to occur.
  • Corrected display problems on Advanced Settings dialog when long browser command line was entered.
  • Outbox and draft folders now display the number of messages in them as opposed to the number of unread messages.
  • Fixed virtual folder search of from/to. It now prompts for criteria.
  • Virtual folder search now provides a stop/cancel progress dialog. When stop is selected, the search stops and displays the results accumulated thus far. When cancel is selected, the search stops and the virtual folder window gets closed.
  • Most UI components that were overriding colors will now use the default system colors.
  • Switching accounts is much smoother now visually. Jumping around is gone.
  • Sorting folders where there's no date received causes the date of the note to be used instead.
  • Virtual folders where there's no date received causes the date of the note to be used instead in searches requiring a sent date. This allows searching for notes sent in the last 30 days even though PBM is failing to put the date sent X-header on the note.
  • The sent folder in compose is hopefully behaving correctly. An entry in the address book will override the persona setting, which overrides the default.
  • Address book handles new personas being added dynamically.
  • MIME attachments that don't have a filename will be given an appropriate file extension based on the content-type header, as follows:
        *application/*zip* -> .zip
        *audio/*aiff*      -> .aif or .aiff
        *audio/*basic*     -> .au
        *audio/*midi*      -> .mid or .midi
        *audio/*mpeg*      -> .mp2
        *audio/*wav*       -> .wav
        *image/*bmp*       -> .bmp
        *image/*gif*       -> .gif
        *image/*jpeg*      -> .jpg or .jpeg
        *image/*tiff*      -> .tif or .tiff
        *image/*xbitmap*   -> .xbm
        *text/*html*       -> .htm or .html
        *text/*            -> .txt
        *video/*mpeg*      -> .mpg or .mpeg
        *video/*msvideo*   -> .avi
        */*                -> .bin
A planned enhancement is to have the type to file extension mapping be done via a user-modifiable file.
  • New option in Retrieving settings panel: Send while retrieving. This will send any pending messages in your outbox as soon as a retrieve mail is successfully started. This does not apply to the Popper.
  • As recommended by RFC1123, header dates that are created by Polarbar now use numeric time zone offsets instead of using time zone IDs.
  • Sorting by date was improved by decoding additional time zone IDs.
  • Fixed problems with excessive updating when enabling attachment bar
  • Fixed bug where messages would show up unread when initiating downloads too quickly after PBM startup.
  • New menu option to just send one message from the outbox
  • Date received is now added to outbox messages
  • Fixed problems that occurred when running some IBM VMs with jit enabled
  • New startup option -nologo will skip the cute bear

Prior version pbm99.1.15 release notes:


  • No way to exit from POP3 and IMAP4 preview windows if OS doesn't have a window close option. Added File/exit menu choices
  • Perform account switch on separate thread in order to avoid UI deadlock
  • Catch error generated when unknown characterset is accessed
  • Avoid hang problem when sending restored composes
  • IMAP4 preview timeout was stuck at zero, making it unusable, fixed
  • Font settings in Compose didn't work as expected, fixed
  • Account name subdirectory was created under drafts dir, fixed (you can safely remove the folder)
  • Major performance boost in selecting all notes in the note list, marking said notes opened/unopened.
  • When marking a large selection of notes opened, the setting now sticks.
  • Address book is no longer a modal dialog. Now a frame with a menu bar and can be accessed at any time from the main window, compose window, etc.
  • Clicking To:, CC:, etc. buttons on Address book now work correctly.
  • New capability to filter messages on local drive using incoming mail filters
  • Finally good support for all kinds of character sets and translation between them.
  • Address book entries can be copied/moved to any other address book. Moving a group moves the members of the group as well.
  • Address book entries can be exported in a tab delimited text file. All data is written out with headings describing the data.
  • Import enhanced to support more column types. Compatible with export file.
  • Quoted text is no longer wrapped
  • Complete path of current folder is shown in title bar
  • Another attempt to get next unread working right
  • Persona 'bleed' between accounts fixed
  • Side by side reply separator bar position now saved correctly

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