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Here are some thumbnail image links to full size screenshots of Polarbar Mailer in action. The blurry stuff has nothing to do with your monitor, it is masking personal information from the images. Click on any thumbnail image to see the full size screenshot, then use your browser's back button to return to this page. A few of the images use the JPG image format, but most use the PNG image format. Also, most of the images that show the Polarbar folder true are using an alternate folder tree icon set.
  • Polarbar supports previewing the mail that is on your incoming mail servers. If you have more than one incoming mail server configured, Polarbar will first prompt you to choose the incoming mail server to use:

    Prevew mail server selection


  • Polarbar then prompts for your logon information and allows you to enable an optional debug mode that logs additional connection information to the Java console log than it would normally:

    Prevew mail server logon


  • Polarbar then displays the list of folders that are available on the mail server that you chose. Polarbar fakes an INBOX folder for the server types that don't have folder support:

    Prevew mail folder list


  • When you double-click on a folder, Polarbar determines the number and type of messages that are available and prompts you to choose the messages that you want to preview (the default is all messages):

    Prevew mail open folder


  • After you choose the messages to preview, Polarbar fetches their message headers and displays a message list:

    Prevew mail folder loaded


  • Now you can double-click on a message in the message list to display the first 50 lines (POP3), the first 2000 bytes (IMAP4), or the entire message:

    Prevew mail message preview


  • Polarbar provides a number of message options:

    Prevew mail message menu


  • Mail servers that support folders provide several folder options:

    Prevew mail folder menu


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