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Here are some thumbnail image links to full size screenshots of Polarbar Mailer in action. The blurry stuff has nothing to do with your monitor, it is masking personal information from the images. Click on any thumbnail image to see the full size screenshot, then use your browser's back button to return to this page. A few of the images use the JPG image format, but most use the PNG image format. Also, most of the images that show the Polarbar folder true are using an alternate folder tree icon set.
  • The Popper allows you to retrieve mail for multiple Polarbar accounts without having to constantly switch between the accounts. Popper uses color codes to let you know which accounts have new mail or errors. This is Popper in the idle state, before it has been activated. Note: If you exit Polarbar with the Popper loaded, then it will automatically load the next time you start Polarbar and will be in the same state (active or inactive) as when you exited Polarbar:

    The popper when idle


  • This is Popper in the active state, checking for mail in the first account. The accounts that are visible in Popper are all the accounts that have automatic retrieval enabled in their Polarbar Settings. If you are in an account that is being handled by Popper, then its mail is automatically retrieved and filtered when Popper is done checking for mail for that account:

    The popper when checking


  • This is the Popper waiting to check for mail. The second account has mail waiting for it, because it is not the current account. When you switch to an account that has mail waiting for it, the mail is automatically retrieved from Popper and is filtered:

    The popper while waiting


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