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Here are some thumbnail image links to full size screenshots of Polarbar Mailer in action. The blurry stuff has nothing to do with your monitor, it is masking personal information from the images. Click on any thumbnail image to see the full size screenshot, then use your browser's back button to return to this page. A few of the images use the JPG image format, but most use the PNG image format. Also, most of the images that show the Polarbar folder true are using an alternate folder tree icon set.
  • Polarbar supports multiple address books, each of which can be configured to be either global to all Polarbar accounts or local to a single account. Each address book entry has three pages for different types of information:

    Address book page 1 Address book page 2 Address book page 3


  • You can set up multiple address groups in each of your address books and assign nicknames to them:

    Address book groups


  • You can import address information from a comma-separated text file into your address books:

    Address book import


  • Polarbar supports accessing LDAP servers:

    Connecting to an LDAP server Searching an LDAP server


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