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Welcome to the Polarbar download page. Here you can download the latest release of the software for installation on your local system. Polarbar Mailer is not a Java applet, but a multi-platform Java application that must be run directly from your computer. If you need more information regarding Java and using it on your system, check our Java page.


While we have made every effort for this software to be stable across platforms, some bugs may still have slipped through the cracks. If you experience problems when running it, please report them so they'll be fixed in a future release.

Polarbar support is available on the user-to-user support forum. Discussions on future features, bug fixes and other trivia can be found in the forum. Additionally, because the software is updated regularly, please be sure to keep a version on hand that works well on your computer in case a future release causes problems.

Polarbar Mailer can be downloaded from any one of the multiple sites listed. Choose the one you like the most (or is closest to you).

Do not unzip the file after you download it, but do visit the web page with the installation instructions!

If you want to simplify setting up Polarbar on your system, use the Install Anywhere download page (it's the next to last download button). You can download the installer with or without Java for a variety of platforms.

The current version of Polarbar is pbm1.25a, which was released on 22 March 2003.

Download Download from the USA - Connecticut
Download Versions 1.25e and older - Netherlands

Early Access

If you want to run the next release prior to it being generally available, please see the Polarbar Build Page. The last good build is posted there.

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