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Users of Polarbar Mailer are a diverse group and one reason for this is due to the 100% pure Java implementation of the software. This page describes what software is needed and where to find a Java runtime environment for your operating system. If you're new to Java and need to get more information besides what is documented here, please visit the main Java site.

What Java Version?

The Polarbar Mailer currently supports Java 1.1, 1.3, and 1.4. Polarbar does not work under the original Java 1.0 environment and works very poorly under the Java 1.2 environment.

If you must run Java 1.2, Polarbar Mailer currently only works if you use the oldjava startup command.

Where Is Java?

Java depends on the operating system you normally use to provide the environment Polarbar Mailer operates on. Here are the most popular sites to get the Java runtime:

All modern versions of Java are available at the Java download site. Versions for all the popular operating systems of today are available there.

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