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This is the Polarbar Mailer build download page where recent, untested builds of Polarbar are made available for testing purposes. Here you can download the absolute latest release of the software for installation on your local system. New builds are placed here approximately every hour, unless of course, the developers decided to take a break (good, free help is so hard to find these days!). These builds are mainly intended to be used by developers and QA volunteers in preparation for the next release of Polarbar. Please read the disclaimer before attempting to use anything posted here.

Polarbar Mailer is not a Java applet, but a Java application and therefore must run directly from your computer. If you need more information regarding Java and using it on your system, check our Java page.

Disclaimer:This software has not been tested at all. All risks associated with using the hourly build are your own and we cannot guarantee it will even start. Make sure you take the necessary precautions. Do not use this release against your mail data without proper backups! If you want a stable release of Polarbar, go here.

There is a user-to-user support forum which discusses the various bugs, fixes, and future features of the software. Help with the software can be obtained in the forum.

NOTE: These builds come with a shell script/batch file that starts Polarbar Mailer using the current Java on your system. Unzip (untar) the file you download and it will place all files into a directory named PolarbarMailer. Change into that directory and you'll find the scripts polarbar (polarbar.bat) which will start Polarbar Mailer within that directory.

Be sure to view the latest Polarbar build log file to make sure the build actually worked!

The current build number is 2325

File Size Last Mod Date
Latest Polarbar build log
Latest Polarbar build as Zip 15M Friday, 07-Dec-2018 16:43:16 EST
Latest Polarbar build as tar.gz 15M Friday, 07-Dec-2018 16:43:15 EST