Message from Dan Porter to Paul van Keep on Sat, august 28 1999

Paul, you have my full support on your efforts. I wish you the best of
luck. Unfortunately we have not been able to communicate much at all
during a set of negotiations to sell Iceptur technology and even
possible InnoVal. Now we have finalized everything. Best of luck and
keep me informed.

Dan Porter

Effective immediately, InnoVal Systems Solutions, Inc. is withdrawing
the following products from marketing and support.

Post Road Mailer for OS/2
J Street Mailer for Java
Web Willy Watch for OS/2

Anyone may download free copies of these products from our online store
at In addition, anyone may freely
distribute executable copies of the software through online software
repositories and websites. You are encouraged to do so because we will
only be able to keep them in our online store for a limited time. If you
distribute the Post Road Mailer you must also distribute a serial number
to allow a user to activate the product. You may use a serial number you
received from us in the past (for release 3.0), or you may use serial
number 31571728. You may also post serial numbers in newsgroups and
websites. Online orders, for these specific products, placed with us
during the last sixty days, have not been processed and customersÆ
credit cards have not been charged. These orders will be cancelled and
customers are free to keep and use the downloaded code that they
received when they placed their order.

For me, personally, this is a sad day. Our company tried to hang in as
long as possible with OS/2. OS/2 is still my favorite platform and OS/2
customers are the best customers our company ever had. I have made many
good friends through my associations with all of you. YouÆll still see
me popping in at OS/2 users group meetings throughout the country when
my travels coincide with a meeting.

Our company continues to do very well. The consulting side of the
business has always been strong. The most exciting area of business,
however, is Iceptur. Iceptur is our new Internet filtering software for
the Windows 95/98/NT platform. Despite the fact that there are over two
hundred competitors in this market niche, we are experiencing phenomenal
success. This is partly because of the unique technology we developed
and partly because there is a strong demand for high quality Internet
filtering solutions (release 2.0 will hit the streets by September 5th).
We have entered into a number of strategic alliances with several
companies to market Iceptur and license the underlying technology for
use in other products.

I need, now, to focus all of InnoValÆs resources on Iceptur and our
consulting business. I tried, during the past year, to juggle resources
but in doing so was not doing the right kind of job for our customers,
the OS/2 community at-large, InnoValÆs employees, or InnoValÆs owners.
You made the Post Road Mailer into the number one email client for OS/2.
You worked with us on J Street Mailer as we tried to negotiate a
platform independent course with Java. You have my thanks and the thanks
of everyone at InnoVal.

We are moving on to bigger things, but not better. OS/2 was better and
(oh, how I wish) it could have been big.

Thanks again,

Dan Porter, President
InnoVal Systems Solutions, Inc.

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