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This is the Polarbar Mailer build download page designed for Java Web Start technology. Here you can run the absolute latest release of the software on your local system. Polarbar Mailer is not a Java applet, but a Java application and therefore must run directly from your computer. If you need more information regarding Java and using it on your system, check our Java page.

When using Java Web Start, you may be prompted to allow Polarbar full security access to your system (as opposed to running in the Java "sandbox"). You must answer yes to this question in order for this software to work correctly. Also, after you run the program twice, you might be prompted to place an icon on your desktop. If you say no, you might not be prompted again.

Disclaimer:This software has not been tested at all. All risks associated with using the hourly build are your own and we cannot guarantee it will even start. Make sure you take the necessary precautions. Do not use this release against your mail data without proper backups! If you want a stable release of Polarbar, go here.

There is a user-to-user support forum which discusses the various bugs, fixes, and future features of the software. Help with the software can be obtained in the forum.

Be sure to view the latest Polarbar build log file to make sure the build actually worked!

Run the latest Polarbar Build. (If you see an XML file or are prompted to save a file named pbmdaily.jnlp, you need to install Java Web Start)

Run the latest Polarbar Build without PGP support. (If you see an XML file or are prompted to save a file named pbmdaily-nopgp.jnlp, you need to install Java Web Start)

The JWS version of Polarbar is split into numerous signed Jar files. The following list shows the last modified date for each of them. Since JWS manages the automatic updating of the file(s) needed, just running Polarbar will ensure you have the latest version.

Jar File Size Last Mod Date
polarbar.jar 2.4M Sunday, 05-Jan-2014 21:14:03 EST
innotools.jar 54K Sunday, 29-Dec-2013 00:09:32 EST
innoval.jar 59K Sunday, 29-Dec-2013 00:09:32 EST
mailer.jar 674K Sunday, 05-Jan-2014 21:14:02 EST
netscape.jar 88K Wednesday, 22-May-2013 00:06:26 EDT
jclass.jar 172K Wednesday, 22-May-2013 00:06:26 EDT
misc.jar 829K Sunday, 05-Jan-2014 00:31:53 EST
Activation Jar (part of JavaMail) 72K Thursday, 09-May-2013 21:49:45 EDT
Java Mail Jar 535K Monday, 13-May-2013 00:24:36 EDT
cryptix.jar 486K Monday, 13-May-2013 00:24:36 EDT
cryptix-pgp.jar 144K Monday, 13-May-2013 00:24:36 EDT

Latest Polarbar build log, last modified on Saturday, 24-Sep-2011 17:21:55 EDT

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